Friday, 21 February 2014

Flood Waters Recede and the Clean-up Starts

The flood-waters that have covered much of Christchurch Meadow and threatened homes are now starting to recede. Now a clean-up effort starts for home-owners whose gardens and sheds were covered with dirty water.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cycling at the Redeveloped Railway Station

In the Full Council on 21st February 2012, I asked the Lead Councillor for Regeneration, Transport and Planning about the provision for cyclists at the newly redeveloped Reading Railway Station. Particularly I asked about the progress on the proposed footbridge across the Thames linking Caversham to the station.

The bridge would be located between Fry's Island and Reading Bridge and would be a boast for rail commuters who live in Caversham don't want to drive their car to the station.

The reply from Cllr Page follows in full:

"Cyclists that are accessing Reading Station will be able to benefit from up to 390 additional cycle parking spaces, one the new South-Western and Northern interchanges are completed in the Spring of 2013.

In addition to these cycle stands, the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) allocation of £4,902,000 secured last year from the Department for Transport will enable a cycle hire scheme to be implemented for use by commuters through access to a folding bike scheme. We would also implement a wider pool bike scheme should the large partnership LSTF funding bid be successful.

The pedestrian/cycle bridge over the River Thames in central Reading remains a key component of our Adopted Local Transport Plan and the Local Development Framework, providing a North-South connection across the geographical barrier of the River Thames. This pedestrian/cycle bridge is also included in the large partnership LSTF bud that is currently being assessed by the Department of Transport and we anticipate an announcement from the DfT by June"

Provision for cyclists to and from the station is something that has been brought up by a number of residents I've spoken to and I am keen to keep pushing this issue on behalf of the people of Caversham. I promise to keep you informed of the progress.